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The Best Experience

Children can find getting their haircut a scary experience, especially the first time. That is why we have put together some advice for parents before they come in to reduce the chance of any tears!

Read on below for the best do’s and dont’s.

Don’t Worry

If you sound like you’re expecting them to dislike the experience, they will pick up on your anxiety. Some children who won’t let their parents touch their hair may be fine with people they don’t know very well. Don’t look for trouble.


Play hairdressing at home so they know what to expect at the salon. Make sure they understand that getting their haircut will not hurt in any way. Look in magazines with your child for specific hairstyles you may want. Be excited and encouraging. Make it fun.


Parents are encouraged to have their hair cut ‘together’ as this may help the child to feel more settled. There is 2 options either have the appointment side by side or to allow the child more time have the appointments back to back by the same stylist.


Let us know in advance if it is your child’s first haircut, or about any previous experiences to help us find the best approach from the beginning e.g. Dislike of water spray or hair brushing.


Your child’s appointment begins with settling him/ her in the vehicle, then the consultation will begin with the stylist. We will guide you as to how you may be able to help throughout the appointment. If you think your child will need more time to relax, you can arrive a little earlier but remember they can get bored easily! Feel free to come in just to look round to familiarise them with the environment.


We advise all children to have clean hair prior to the appointment. Young children are unable to have a backwash shampoo due to their size. For older children, please mention at time of booking if you would like a shampoo as this is charged at an additional cost. If you would prefer not to have a shampoo we can use a water spray, but please make sure your child’s hair is freshly washed and free from styling products. We use the quietest possible equipment in the salon. Even so, please let us know if we will not be able to use hairdryers etc.

Be prepared

Bring a spare top for your child to change into after their appointment in case of uncomfortable loose hair sticking to their clothes. Snacks can help with children’s attention and also help to keep little hand busy.


Please do not bring in your children if they are sick and make sure they are free from head lice.


If you have any problems or are not happy with our service, please speak to us before you leave. (but out of earshot of little ears as we don’t want to affect your child’s perception of future haircuts).

Don’t Do’s

We kindly request that parents and carers lift the children in and out of our cars. A step stool is available for your use. Resist offering a potential reward for the haircut. They should look forward to their next visit as a treat in itself!


Really great salon where they take extra care with the little babies to settle them in and give them a relaxing experience. Very pleased with my babies cut.

– Ailsa (customer)

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